Journal of Applied Economic Sciences Quarterly

Journal of Applied Economic Sciences

Editor in Chief: Laura Gavrilă (formerly Stefanescu)
Managing Editor: Madalina Constantinescu



The primary purpose of the Journal is and remains the provision of a forum for the dissemination of a variety of international issues, empirical research and other matters of interest to researchers and practitioners in a diversity of subject areas connected to the broad theme of economics, business, management, accounting, finance, and information technologies. Subject areas include, but are not restricted to:

  • - Quantitative and qualitative research methodology and practice
  • - Strategic, public sector and human resource management
  • - Entrepreneurship and Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME's)
  • - Marketing and e-Business
  • - Economics, finance and financial management
  • - Organizational theory and behavior
  • - Supply chain management
  • - Information systems, technology, innovation and operations management
  • - Educational management and leadership

Journal of Applied Research in Finance Bi-Annually

Journal of Applied Research in Finance Bi-Annually

Editor in Chief: Madalina Constantinescu
Managing Editor: Laura Ungureanu
Co-Editor: Laura Gavrilă (formerly Stefanescu)
Executive Manager: Ion Viorel Matei
Asistant Editor: Dragos Ilie
Redactor: Cristiana Bogdanoiu



The intention of the Journal of Applied Research in Finance is to provide an outlet for innovative, quantitative research in financial economics which cuts across areas of specialization, involves transferable techniques, and is easily replicable by other researchers. Contributions that introduce statistical methods that are applicable to a variety of financial problems are actively encouraged. The Journal also aims to publish review and survey articles that make recent developments in the field of theoretical and applied finance more readily accessible to applied economists in general.

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